INTT COSMETICS is an innovative Brazilian brand, known in the erotic and sensual market, especially for the quality of its products and the beauty of its packaging.

In Brazil, INTT has a line of more than 200 different products, including cosmetics and toys, with a large presence in all sex shops. During these recent years, after participating in international fairs and events, the brand has been desired by consumers from all over the world, which led the company to develop a line specifically designed for the international market, inspired by its best sellers in Brazil.
In 2019, INTT COSMETICS arrived in Europe by starting the production of its cosmetic line in Portugal, being therefore certified for sale and consumption in all countries of the European Community.

Currently, the European line has almost 40 cosmetic products of the highest quality and is marketed in practically all European countries, in addition to the Asian market and Russia.

Combining the experience of almost 15 years in the Brazilian market and the use of exclusive activities from the Amazon rainforest, INTT COSMETICS presents today a line completely designed for the European market and with great potential to meet the needs of its new international consumers.