The history of LIEBE SEELE begins many years before its formal establishment. For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to exploring the art of seduction from our corner of the world; our culture and traditions naturally defined our style, construction techniques and inspiration. However, the hypnotic rituals of the scenes, the electric magic of the knots that penetrate the skin and the exciting sound of leather in contact with the body awakened a curiosity that invited us to go beyond our own borders and discover what else there was to explore.

In 2012, our adventures took us to Germany, the global cradle of the BDSM lifestyle and the source of renewed inspiration that motivated us to create a brand that celebrates the unique connection between east and west, tradition and avant-garde, heart and soul.

Liebe, as in love, and Seele, as in soul, is our love letter to that adventure that opened our minds and allowed us to masterfully create original pieces with impeccable designs and exquisite materials.