Lovely Planet

Lovely Planet is a French design company operating in the love business market since 2004, in 40 countries worldwide. Their mission is to create a universe of playful pleasure with very aesthetic products whose design creates an emotional connection. No compromise is made between pleasure and quality.

They own 6 brands among which there are:
Dorcel is the famous French chic erotic movie company offering quality-driven elegant products that are kinky and explicitly for sex. The range is high-end but accessible to everyone.
Love to love is their bold and fun brand line promoting freedom, and adventure through colorful and recreative items shelled in holographic packaging. Many diverted designs to make everyone at ease.
Strap-On-Me reinvents the world of pleasure objects by combining technical innovation and new minimalist aesthetics. It is known to be the brand featuring the only bendable strapless strap-on in the world offering a triple stimulation and remote control. Together with a range of glamorous harnesses and gorgeous silicone dildos!