Black Secret Stockings

There was great and deep passion at the start. There was also a fondness for beauty. In our hearts,something was born. It was a desire to create something extraordinary and unique. Something that will make women appreciate their individuality. The sketches are meticulously created in the privacy of our studio. We are always looking for harmony in the proportions of our patterns and the shape of women’s legs. We design the patterns by contemplating the beauty of ladies. It is produced for us to order in one of the oldest Italian factories with over 100 years of experience. Mass-dyed intense carbon black microfiber amazingly pleasant to the touch. Give your legs elegancy in a luxurious edition. Ballerina’s secret: Tights and stockings that smell beautiful. The smell – it usually occurs unexpectedly and it seduces with its scent. It surprises, just like our tights and stockings. They are like sensual perfumes that enfold woman’s legs. You will feel beautiful, confident and very feminine.