Maï Lab

Attraction Cosmetics mission is to create innovative erotic cosmetics with a high-impact packaging that never goes unnoticed. It is manufactured in Spain in certified laboratories, in respect of the environment and of animals and workers’ rights, for an evolving market that is everyday more attentive to quality and well-being.

Attraction Cosmetics has carried out an attentive research in the realm of wellbeing in order to provide real and always new sensual experiences to our customers and a true sensory awakening in the sexual sphere.

“Sensuality is that added value that makes every moment with your partner real and long-lasting.”

The many flavours of sensuality!
Attraction Cosmetics has decided to concentrate on the sense with the highest sexual signals load, awakening our ancestral sense of pleasure and recalling our very first experience with the outside world: taste!

“The impulses of our five senses hit our brain, reaching the rest of the body”